Who Am I?

I am Iwona Kaczmarek, a Polish by blood and a nerd by heart. I am always fascinated by science, foods and everything in between. I am a writer by day and a ninja by night sneaking in the kitchen and attacking my refrigerator (hell, yeah!) However, I am still maintaining a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise, some workouts and veggies.

Life has been nothing but good to me. Well, although sometimes shit happens but as long as we look on the positive side of life and being grateful then we are all good. Way back three years ago, I was caught up with an unknown blog of a girl in her mid-thirties. I have read a couple of her posts and bam! I was immediately inspired by each word she wrote and it was beautifully written.

Thus, here I am, wishing that I could as well inspire others or at least leave a mark in their life through writing. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and don’t forget to leave a comment or thoughts you want to share. I look forward to respond everyone. Thanks!

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