Ten Remarkable Things You Didn’t Know about Your Brain

Film Review The Theory of EverythingYou might think you know everything about your brain? Using your brain everyday does not mean you are well aware of how it works and everything in it. You will be surprised at how mysterious and fascinating our brain is. Through years of research, scientists have proven that the brain is capable of immense change. There are still too many facts we didn’t know about brain and is still yet to be discovered. However, scientists have spent a big sum of money towards researching of the brain and this is what they have found:

  • The average adult brain weighs below 3 pounds! And it is very similar to tofu. For about 85% of the brain’s weight is the Cerebrum, it is responsible for motor control of the body. Scientists also found out that the average weight of male’s brain is about 1,336 grams while female is about 1,198 grams. The weight of the brain decreases as we age.
  • Comparing to other creatures on earth, human have the largest brain when it comes to size ratio. Some argue that elephants have the largest brain, well it is quite true however if the ratio of the entire body and the size of the brain are matched, the elephant is only 0.15% while human is 2%.
  • Well, don’t get too excited about your brain. As we age, our brain will become smaller. As a matter of fact, early human 5000 years ago had larger brains comparing to humans in the 21st century. The human brain had shrunk for about 9 cubic inches which is 150 centimeters or total of 10% from the early humans, a research conducted in the University of Wisconsin at Madison by a paleoanthropologist, John Hawks. Furthermore, there are no solid proofs as to why our brain shrinking by time but scientists concluded that it could be due to the evolution of mankind and also because of our diet. The good news is that the brain size is never associated with an individual’s intellect level; in fact Albert Einstein has smaller brain than the average adults.
  • Did you know that your brain uses 25% of sugars circulating in your blood blow and uses 20% of oxygen in your blood? Well, that’s quite a huge number for something that weighs less than 3 pounds! This research was based on the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology and they believe that our brain is an energy eater. As a matter of fact, the amount of energy is enough to light a bulb. Our brain can produce maximum of 30 to 35 watts when we are awake. And this will leave you stunned: your brain is the fattest organ in your body! It is about 60% of fats and that explains why it uses 25% of sugars in the body.
  • The brain cells are only comprises of 10% of neurons and the other 90% are called “glia” which means “glue” in Greek. Scientists found out that glia is not just a sticky thing that keeps the neurons intact but it is more than that. Glia or also called by the scientists as the silent cells in the brain is responsible for sweeping off the excess neurotransmitters in order to give immune protection so that it can promote and control the growth between neurons and brain function. With that being said, I believe it is not that silent after all!
  • Yawning is one way for the over exhausted brain to cool down. Yawning happens when the brain do not receives sufficient oxygen due to overworked, thus the yawn is said to be the residual amount of oxygen to the brain. The brain needs enough supply of oxygen in order to work properly, if there is no oxygen the brain cells will start to die every 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Wonder why teenage are often rebellious, emotional and dramatic? It is because teen brains are not yet fully developed. Amazing, isn’t it? The gray matter of the brain mounts up before they reached puberty and there is still development happening in the frontal lobes which is their judgment and decision-making. In fact, the part of brain which responsible for multitasking is not yet fully developed in teen until they are 17 years old. Added to that, teens are less likely to use their medial prefrontal cortex which is related to empathy and guilt until they reached 20 years old.
  • Many people stated that the brain stops changing and lost the ability to create new neural connection when it reaches adulthood is totally wrong. According to several researches by scientists, even adults could form new neurons and in fact intense mental exercise like meditation can change the brain’s structure and functions.
  • Have you ever felt fatigue from traveling to countries with different time zones? Well my friend that is called jetlag and it affects the part of your brain that is in control for learning and memory. Experiencing a severe jetlag increases the production of stress hormones, decreases the size of the temporal lobe and affects your learning and memory part of the brain. Disturbing your sleep cycle in the long run and greatly cause brain damage and affects the brain. Note: body temperature that goes beyond 10.6 degrees Fahrenheit can also damage the brain. In history, there was one exceptional man who reached 115. Degrees Fahrenheit survived without any brain injury or harm left scientists puzzled with the findings.
  • If you think that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, then think again! Scientists have issued in the January 2010 Psychological Bulletin gathered and tested men and women from 60 countries. The results: there is no difference between men and women when it comes to their math ability. Nonetheless, what make these two worlds different is only the hormones that affects the brain and behavior.

Isn’t the human brain so cool? Who would have thought this small, 3 pounds, complex part of our body is control everything about us. It will take us a lifetime to get to know our brains better.

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