How to Make Your Brain Memorize Faster and Maximize Its Memory

Brain-ImageUnless you are suffering from memory loss, you are not exempted in making your brain perform better and memorize faster. Enhancing your memory is just a matter of practice and training and you are good to go. Apart from eating brain foods such as berries, fish, and exercise there are also other methods to improve your memory.

Work out your memory. Twyla Tharp, a well-known choreographer based in New York and the author of The Creative Habit, explained that most people cannot even remember more than three things that is why he learn the habit of remembering her twelve to fourteen dance steps in order to train her brain. Try to remember events or things happened in the past and discuss about it. Brain experts believe that the brain’s memory is associated with receiving, remembering and thinking. These will greatly improve the function of the brain when it is done simultaneously. One key to memorize something is to repeat it in order for your brain to familiarize it. For example when meeting someone new, “Hi, I am Sally”, always reply with “glad to meet you, Sally” instead of “glad to meet you”. By doing so, you allow your brain to record the information and the memory itself.

Do something repetitively. If you train your brain to do something new over and over again, your brain connects new trails that will help you do it better and faster. Memorization is about nurturing more neural trails that will help you get better each day. Repetition makes everything permanent and when it is permanent it becomes better and more improved. On the other hand, for most procrastinator they allow their brain to act at the last hour. What they should do instead is to just train and wired their brain in order to create that simple neural pathways. Start small repetitively and it will get permanent and eventually gets better by time.

Learning new things. When it comes to brain memorization, learning is something you must do in order to improve your brain. Learning is a form of challenge to the brain. It exposes the brain to a different way of thinking. You can learn how to dance, learn new musical instrument, learn new language, learn to explore new computer software and read more books. These activities help stimulates the brain function and also help fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Try different types of techniques. If you are a students there will be a lot of memorization involve especially during final exams. When you study your notes, try to learn other review techniques like reading aloud or rewriting them on other sheep of paper by hand, these types of methods can create more links that will boost your ability to remember information. In addition to that, you can also use mnemonics to memorize long words. This may somehow sounds silly but it works tremendously! Creating mnemonics can help your brain to be less tired in memorizing long words and at the same time you can memorize other things as long as your brain can contain the information.

Keep away from stress. Stress is the great contributor that will distract you from maximizing your memory. In other word, stress is a poison to the brain. It will hinder the process of transmitting information from short-term to long-term memory. However, you can always be in control of your own brain by controlling you brain from stress so that you can minimize the production of the stress chemicals.

Do not think of yourself weak and you have a bad memory. Be positive and assure yourself that you can improve your memory to be better. I have seen many people accept the fate that they have a bad memory and it non-curable. Get rid of those thoughts and commit yourself to enhance your memory for greater good of yourself.

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